Welcome to my website! My name is Noah Listgarten. I am a 22-year old junior at Case Western Reserve University. In my free time, I am a photographer, videographer, website developer, IT technician, and theater technician. I built this website as a personal project in PHP and HTML from a bootstrap template just for fun, but I thought that I could use it to showcase some of the projects I have worked on.


I have been taking photographs for a long time, but I began working on my photography seriously as a junior in high school. Since then, I have been experimenting and practicing, slowly sharpening my skills in both shooting and editing. I shoot raw in manual exposure mode on Nikon DSLRs and Nikon Nikkor lenses, and process the images in Adobe Camera Raw and Adobe Photoshop. I am a staff photographer for the Maltz Performing Arts Center at Case Western Reserve University.


I started shooting and editing videos in my sophomore year of high school. I am currently in the Rough Rider Productions video production club at Case Western Reserve University. I have created videos for various schools and events. I have also created custom slideshows and shot timelapses. I shoot mostly on Nikon DSLRs, but have also shot with Lumix GH4s. I have run live video with professional camcorders and an ENG-style production camera. I do post production in Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro X, and Apple Motion.

Technical Theater

I have been working as a theater technician for thirteen years. In high school, I was a technician for eleven mainstage productions, four dance performances, and various other events. Between high school and college, I worked for a year as a theater technician in a variety of roles, including as a carpenter and electrician for a community theater; an electrician and flyrail operator for a ballet; and as a light board operator, A2, props runner, deckhand, and electrician for a professional (AEA) theater. In college, I have worked as a sound designer, audio engineer and light board operator.

Information Technology

I have been troubleshooting problems with computers since I could type. In high school, I worked on my school's Genius Bar, a group of students who would help students and faculty troubleshoot problems. I also worked for my school's tech department over the summers to update, image, inventory, and retire computers. More recently, I worked to replace all of the school's networking hardware, mainly swapping out and reprogramming switches. I have experience racking and configuring Meraki switches and APs, and have designed and configured a full-stack Ubiquiti Unifi network. I am familiar with basic networking protocols, their respective usages, and network segmentation. I also set up and maintain MacOS servers, one of which is hosting this website. I am comfortable enough with Apple laptop hardware repair that I can replace almost any component without needing a guide.

Website Development and Programming

I taught myself basic HTML, PHP, and CSS. Although this site is built on a heavily modified template, I have created other sites from scratch using HTML and CSS. I am familiar with DNS, SSL, and site hosting configurations. I am a volunteer with Ragtag, with whom I have built over two dozen websites for progressive political candidates and organizations. I have led a number of these projects, working directly with clients. I have built a number of websites in Squarespace and Wordpress, and am a Squarespace Circle member. I have programming experience in these languages: Java, Python, Arduino, HTML, PHP, and CSS.




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